Scenic Glass Bottom Stay Aboard Cruise

Includes the Shipwreck & Tour of Fathom Five National Marine Park Including Flowerpot Island

Glass Bottom Tour of the Shipwreck, Lighthouse, Islands & The Flowerpots

Take a 1 hour & 30-minute tour on the 125 passenger Great Blue Heron. This non-stop glass bottom tour begins with a visit to Tobermory’s other harbour, marked by Big Tub Lighthouse, where you will view a 19th century shipwreck. From there you will cruise through the Devil Island Channel as well as the narrow channel between Cove Island and the Otter Islands. This cruise also sails past the light station at Flowerpot Island with the final highlight - a photo opportunity at the two world-famous Flowerpots - before returning to Tobermory Harbour via Middle Island (or “Plucky” as it is known locally)

Great Blue Heron Scenic Tour runs daily from June 24 – September 3rd.

For non-stop trips in the spring and fall please choose Boat 1 or Boat 2 options.” 

All children 4 and under are required to have tickets to board the vessel even though they are free of charge. Please ensure every member of your group is on the ticket, or they will not be allowed to board.

Non Stop Scenic Cruise - June 15-September 14



Nonstop tours (ALL non stop tours including sunset and scenic jet boat)

Adult - $54.95 plus tax = $62.10
Senior - $53.19 plus tax = $60.10
Youth - $46.11 plus tax = $52.10


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2 National Parks, multiple Nature Reserves, recognized as a UNESCO World Biosphere. Flowerpot Island. Shipwrecks. Tobermory is a natural paradise!

Tobermory is located at the tip of the Bruce Peninsula. 


Blue Heron Cruises

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