Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below answers to some frequently asked questions

Have you already booked your cruise?

Do I need to print my tickets?

When booking online or over the phone for regular day trips, Your tickets are attached to the confirmation that is emailed to you so when you arrive in the area, you may proceed directly to the dock on Little Tub Harbour for boarding once you have parked your vehicle. 
If you will not have access to the electronic tickets on the date of sailing, you may stop at one of our ticket locations when you arrive in the area.

Do you still need to book a cruise?

What cruise should I choose?

1. What cruise should I choose?

If you want to go hiking on Flowerpot Island, you should choose the Drop Off Tour – which will give you the option to disembark and explore the island.

If you do not want to go hiking but want to see Flowerpot Island and surrounding areas, you should choose the Non-Stop Scenic Tour options.

If you would like an evening cruise, you should choose the Sunset Cruise option which will provide you with a remarkable trip down the Georgian Bay shoreline.

General FAQ

Is the whole bottom of the boat glass?

No. There is a large section of the bottom of the boat that is glass, in some vessels there are two areas. And the shipwrecks are easily viewed over the sides of the boats as our water is very clean and clear! The glass bottom areas are as large as permitted by Transport Canada.


Invasive Species

How can we reduce the risk posed by invasive species? 

  • At Blue Heron Cruises our full-time gardening team provides careful management of our extensive pollinator-friendly gardens, with lots of native planting. In addition, we source all our garden materials locally at the wonderful Peninsula Out of Doors. 
  • All Blue Heron vessels travel exclusively in this body of water meaning we do not pose a risk for the introduction of non-native aquatic species.
  • You can help out during your visit!  Before leaving home or hitting the trails take a moment to clean the soles of your footwear and your backpack, and if travelling with a four legged friend, be sure to include the puppy paws.  
  • Want to know more about invasive species and how to make a difference?  https://www.nature.org/en-us/what-we-do/our-priorities/protect-water-and-land/land-and-water-stories/invasive-plant-species-invasive-species-education-1/

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