Frequently Asked Questions


Which is better, a Jet Boat or a Glass Bottom Boat?

The jet boat is a great experience for those who like excitement! This is also the recommended option for passengers concerned about possible sea-sickness.

The glass bottom tour is more leisurely and offers the opportunity for passengers to move between a covered lower deck and upper open-air deck. And, of course, there is the hugely popular magnified view through the glass portals in the ship’s hull.

How much time should we spend on Flowerpot Island?

At Blue Heron Cruises we recommend that you spend 3-4 hours on Flowerpot Island. If you want to walk the entire trail you will need about 1.5-2 hours. If you wish to walk the trail and stop for a picnic and a swim you will need the full 4 hours. 

Are there drinks and snacks available on Flowerpot Island?

There are snacks for sale at the Flowerpot Island Light Station, which is about a 45 minute walk from the dock where you will disembark. They only accept cash payments for these snacks. We recommend that you take your own snacks and drinks if you plan to be there for an extended period of time. Please also remember that Flowerpot Island is part of the National Marine Park and we kidnly ask that everyone takes their own garbage off of the island. Please do not litter. Snacks at the lighthouse are only guaranteed July & August – in the off season is it by chance only.

Are there washrooms on Flowerpot Island?

There are washrooms at the main dock where you leave the boat and at the Lightkeeper’s Station.

How many shipwrecks will we see?

You will visit two shipwrecks on your tour. Both shipwrecks are located at the end of Big Tub Harbour. 

Is the whole bottom of the boat glass?

No. There is a large section of the bottom of the boat that is glass. And the shipwrecks are easily viewed over the sides of the boats as our water is very clean and clear!

Where can we park while we are on the cruise?

You can park in any of our parking lots located at: 7425 Highway #6, 7456 Highway #6, 7445 Highway #6 or 20 Head Street. 
Click Here for a Map 

Why do we have to pay a National Park Entry Fee on top of our boat ticket price?

Every person stopping on Flowerpot Island is subject to National Park entry fees. These fees are remitted to Fathom Five National Marine Park and help to cover the upkeep costs of the island. Lately they have been used to build a rain/sun shelter on the dock where you will load/unlodad, to improve the trail system all the way to light station, and to build new washrooms facilites. 

How much is the National Park Entry Fee? Can we pay for it when we arrive?

Flowerpot Island is part of the Fathom Five National Marine Park. Every person visiting Flowerpot Island must have a valid Parks Canada entry pass. Visit for information, terms of use, and to order your Discovery Pass. You can also purchase your entry pass at out ticket outlets.

The National Park Entry fee is: 

Family (max 7 people) - $11.75
Adult (ages 18-64) - $5.80
Senior (65+) - $4.90
Youth (0-17) - FREE 

Can we take strollers to Flowerpot Island?

No. We do not recommend strollers on Flowerpot Island. 

Are the boats wheelchair accessible?

Yes, most of our boats are wheelchair accessible. Please call ahead to get exact measurements of the wheelchair openings.